Thermocrete sealant

We are Thermocrete chimney sealant installers based in Dorset. If you’ve noticed debris falling into the grate of your fireplace, it is very likely your chimney flue is starting to corrode and deteriorate. At this point a flexible liner will not address the major issues your flue has, the answer…Thermocrete!

As the render falls away, gaps will appear between the bricks weakening the structure and allowing dangerous gases and smoke to escape from the flue and into areas of the building and neighbouring properties.

We provide a thorough assessment and application process to fully protect your chimney from this deterioration. Our team of surveyors will scrape sweep the flue and renovate the brickwork with a thick, protective Thermocrete ceramic sealant.

Thermocrete Sealant is applied by a high pressure rotating spray machine. The sealant fills all the gaps and cracks leaving a smooth gas tight coating on the inner surface.

Key benefits

• Ceramic sealant is completely impervious to heat and acid corrosion
• Thermocrete Chimney Sealant is guaranteed for 10 years
• The cross-sectional area of the flue is not significantly reduced
• The flue size is not affected as with other lining systems, so it’s perfect for smaller flues where space is at a premium
• It is suitable for both class I and II appliances, gas and solid fuel

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