Chimney repair & restoration services

Chimney Repair and Restoration

Weeden Masonry offers a comprehensive service with regards to all aspects of chimney restoration and repair throughout Dorset and the South West of England.

Chimneys are often the most exposed part of any property. Over time pointing and weather can often fail allowing rain water to penetrate the chimney stack; in combination with freezing of the water in the gaps, deterioration is accelerated. If not repaired swiftly the chimney stack will slowly start to crumble and eventually become unsafe and dangerous.

If spotted in time new weather flaunching and pointing will extend the longevity of the stack but from time to time it may be necessary to rebuild the stack in order to ensure its safety. It is not just the weather that can cause serious harm, chimney fires can do catastrophic damage.

Chimney restoration options

We can offer various ways to repair the worn chimney stack. Whether it be using the Thermocrete technology or whether it be using a full re-pointing exercise, Weeden Masonry can offer a full report and best suited remedy for the chimney restoration.

Weeden Masonry offer full chimney repair and restoration providing a complete chimney repair and restoration service where a chimney has become damaged or unsuitable for use.