Chimney lining services

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Weeden Masonry offers a comprehensive service with regards to all aspects of chimney lining.

We are able to offer a multitude of stove installations accompanied with a wide variety of chimney lining alternatives.

  • Flexiliner
  • Rigid system
  • Sectional pumise liner
  • Thermocrete Cast Insitue liner
  • Spray liner
  • Factory made metal chimneys
  • Rigid sectional metal flu liners
  • Twin wall flexible flu liners
  • External factory made metal chimney systems
  • Internal factory made metal chimney systems
  • Spray sealant lining system

We offer a modernisation package that updates existing open fires to install larger, more functional and an aesthetically pleasing stove.

From the rebuilding of chimney stacks to minor sympathetic re-pointing. We offer a complete start to finish package tailored to your specific needs and individual requirements.  We are also available for consultation regarding the options for your installation, ensuring you have all the information required to choose your stove, select the lining that will best serve your appliance and chimney condition. We are also happy to discuss and design a bespoke fire surround to finish off the installation with style.