Chimney CCTV Camera Inspection

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Our industry specific CCTV equipment allows tentative inspections to pinpoint structural weaknesses or even locate an obstructive birds nest.

A comprehensive chimney CCTV survey reveals the inside of the chimney flue to check the condition for complete peace of mind that the correct choice of liner is chosen.

Obstructions found during CCTV inspection can be clearly identified, without a CCTV chimney inspection these obstructions and blockages would not be visible without major intrusive works to the chimney structure.

We use the most up to date colour CCTV camera inspection equipment and technology to bring you this service and can supply corresponding information reports and a DVD of the inspection upon request.

The CCTV chimney survey can be carried out by passing the camera upwards from the fireplace opening or from the chimney top downwards depending on safe access being available and also the nature of the inspection required.